A couple faces the challenge to overcome a breaking up due to distance. She is an expat who can no longer stay in the country. He is full of hope and looks for the way to keep the couple always together.
* Elephant Film Awards. Rome, Italy, 2018. Official Selection.
* Rome Independent Prisma Awards. Rome, Italy, 2018. Semi-Finalist.
* Diversions International Short Film Festival. Zagreb & Sveti Ivan Zelina, Croatia, 2018. Official Selection.
* Los Angeles CineFest. Los Angeles, USA, 2018. Semi-Finalist.
* shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2018. Dulce de Leche Selection.
* Caminhos Festival Cinema Português. Coimbra, Portugal, 2018. Selecção Paralela Mundiais
Direction: Gwenn Joyaux
Screenplay: Daryna Butryk, Gwenn Joyaux, Matías Milanese
Cinematography: Pablo Demicheli
Sound design: Pablo Isola
Production mixer: Edgardo Frutos
Make-up: Julieta Gottlieb
Production Design and Costumes: Daryna Butryk, Gwenn Joyaux
Edition: Gwenn Joyaux
Music composers: Silvia Inés Vives, Matías Frydrych Olejnik
Production: Gwenn Joyaux, Edgardo Frutos, Daryna Butryk, Matías Milanese, Pablo Demicheli

She: Daryna Butryk
He: Matías Milanese
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