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In labour we trust has made the cut for PuntoG

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In labour we trust is a dark comedy that takes place in a dystopian future where science defeats aging and a very strict Birth Control System is set to avoid overpopulation: a dead in exchange for a newborn. Even upper class members, like Moira, must stick to this rule. A few weeks before her child’s labour, she joins Renato, a pregnant trans man who leads the Union of Killer Parents, to get her Birth Permit by delivering the needed corpses at all costs.

It’s directed by Gwenn Joyaux and produced by Aldana Aprile (Girovant)

PuntoG is a part of Ventana Sur, a film-TV market-meet run by the Cannes Festival and Market and Argentina’s Incaa film-TV agency. PuntoG is the starting point to promote and draw attention to productions of Latin American developed by women and non-binary people.

Where the cold wind blows has made the cut for Blood Window Lab

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Where the cold wind blows is a sci-fi suspense drama set in a dystopian future where an ambitious neuroscientist goes on the run from a global government after her psychiatric illness healing app is misappropriated, becoming a viral weapon for ethnic cleansing.

It’s directed by Gwenn Joyaux and produced by Aldana Aprile (Girovant)

Blood Window Lab is a part of Ventana Sur, a film-TV market-meet run by the Cannes Festival and Market and Argentina’s Incaa film-TV agency. Where the cold wind blows has been chosen among other 214 project submmited to the 2020’s edition.

Check Variety‘s note on all the selected projects.

Tomorrow island Grand Prize Winner

TOMORROW ISLAND is the Grand Prize Winner of the 5th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Program.

As part of the award, the short film will be screening in the Stage 32 Short Film Program at the 2020 Hollyshorts Film Festival, the 2020 Raindance Film Festival and the 2020 Austin Film Festival.

The two halves + Tomorrow island in FlixaTV

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The two halves and Tomorrow island are online in the Australian platform FlixaTV.

Flixa is an Australian based not for profit offering global streaming services that promote and support female film makers to create a positive change in the film industry.

Flixa offers a monthly subscription based service to access hundreds of high quality shorts, features, documentaries from all around the world.

Tomorrow island & The two halves in OctubreTV

Tomorrow island and The two halves are available in OctubreTV as part of the special program designed by Bendita Tu Film Festival.

The two short films will stream online at the Argentinian VOD platform through all July.

Tomorrow island’s one time online screening

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Tomorrow island will screen online mode as part of the 5th Women’s Film Festival this Friday 17th, 12:30 pm EDT.

You can register and get your free tickets for the online screening plus Q&A session with the director at Eventbrite.

Tomorrow island at the 3rd Bendita Tú Festival

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Tomorrow island will open the 3rd Festival Bendita Tú this 1st November.

Bendita Tú is a film festival focused on productions made by women. The first edition awarded Gwenn Joyaux for her short film “Las dos mitades”. Second edition had her as a member of the Jury. This year edition is inviting Gwenn’s latest production “Tomorrow island” to open the festival.

The event will take place simultaneously at the famous Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires at 18:30 hs and the Fundación BilbaoArte in Spain. This mark the first screening in Argentina.

Tomorrow island wins the Annual Queen Supreme at Queenpalm Film Festival

Tomorrow island wins at Queenpalm International Film Festival 2019!
Queen Palm International Film Festival is a bi-monthly film, music, & screenwriting competition with a live Annual Screening and Awards Show Event in Palm Springs, California. QPIFF honors films from around the world with a vast array of awards in different categories and genres. This year Tomorrow island was awarded the Best Short in the Love is love category.

Billboard announces full QueerX’s Festival Program

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QueerX kicks off Friday 31st May night with an exclusive industry party at the Whisky A Go-Go with performances by Brooke Candy and her special guests, Jordy, Davy Boi, and a special performance by an artist making her LA concert debut.

For further information, check the full article here.

The two halves will screen at Bilbao Art Fundation

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As part of the special programme focused on female filmmakers, organized together by Bilbao Art Fundation and Bendita Tú Festival, The two halves will screen again in Spain this 10th April. The short film is the winner of Bendita Tú Festival first edition.