GWENN JOYAUX :: director & writer

Tomorrow island in Lesflicks

Tomorrow island will screen online at the 6th Lesflicks Cinema @ LFest in London this 24th-26th July.

Tomorrow island is part of the program called Herstories. It is a selection of stories that reflect on and explore our beautiful and diverse herstory. Session 1 will go online on the 24th July at 11am London/ 12pm Europe/ 6pm Perth/ 8pm Sydney/Melbourne (free tickets) Session 2 will go online on the 24th July at 7pm London / 8pm Europe / 11am West Coast USA / 2pm East Coast USA (free tickets)

The two halves + Tomorrow island in FlixaTV

Category : Events, Streaming

The two halves and Tomorrow island are online in the Australian platform FlixaTV.

Flixa is an Australian based not for profit offering global streaming services that promote and support female film makers to create a positive change in the film industry.

Flixa offers a monthly subscription based service to access hundreds of high quality shorts, features, documentaries from all around the world.

Tomorrow island & The two halves in OctubreTV

Tomorrow island and The two halves are available in OctubreTV as part of the special program designed by Bendita Tu Film Festival.

The two short films will stream online at the Argentinian VOD platform through all July.