GWENN JOYAUX :: director & writer

In labour we trust has made the cut for PuntoG

Category : Events, Film Festivals, WIP

In labour we trust is a dark comedy that takes place in a dystopian future where science defeats aging and a very strict Birth Control System is set to avoid overpopulation: a dead in exchange for a newborn. Even upper class members, like Moira, must stick to this rule. A few weeks before her child’s labour, she joins Renato, a pregnant trans man who leads the Union of Killer Parents, to get her Birth Permit by delivering the needed corpses at all costs.

It’s directed by Gwenn Joyaux and produced by Aldana Aprile (Girovant)

PuntoG is a part of Ventana Sur, a film-TV market-meet run by the Cannes Festival and Market and Argentina’s Incaa film-TV agency. PuntoG is the starting point to promote and draw attention to productions of Latin American developed by women and non-binary people.