"Forget April" is the first short film in the anthology "Los Puntos Quietos," produced by FestiFreak Produce in 2010
Malena (Marisol Tur) and April (Gimena Blesa) seem like two characters from a painting by Magritte. April never takes off her black bowler hat and her umbrella, while Malena never goes out without her Polaroid camera. Despite their uncommunicative attitudes, they somehow complement and understand each other. However, on July 9, 2007, April is going to live abroad, in Europe, leaving Malena alone, who wishes the departure day never existed. Malena knows that her desire could be possible, as missing days have already occurred: in Europe, in the year 1582, some countries ignored certain days of October. This curious anecdote serves Malena to outline a farewell to April, recalling sites in La Plata City that resemble European architectural styles, where they have been together. Finally, Malena arrives at the conclusion that she won’t write any letters to April, and on the day April leaves the country, it snows in La Plata City for the first time in the last 89 years.
*6ºFICIFF, La Plata, Argentina, 2010​​​​​​​
Script, Direction, Edition: Gwenn Joyaux
Production: Nadia Estebanez
Assistant Production: Ana Rebolledo
Photography: Leonardo Druventi
Camera: Gwenn Joyaux & Leonardo Druventi
Production Designer: Magalí Salvatore
Sound: Eduardo Montes
Music: Silvia Inés Vives &
 Matias Frydrych Olejnik
illustrations: Carlos Pinto

Malena: Marisol Tur
April: Gimena Blesa

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