Victor (Diego Cremonesi) is a journalist who is about to publicly expose the perpetrators behind the women trade. Because his report commits the reputation of some members of the police, they try to stop him by gradually and progressively killing all his informants. At the same time, they send Gabriel (Dario Aumassanne) to kidnap, torture and disappear Victor, in order to destroy all traces of his investigation. But Ramiro (Edgardo Desimone), a cop who knows what is happening, will try to recover Victor’s information to bring freedom to the women who are still alive.
Executive Production: Gwenn Joyaux & Nadia Estebanez
Associated Producer: Eduardo Montes
Script, Direction, Edition: Gwenn Joyaux
Production Manager: Nadia Estebanez
Assistant Production: Carmen ‘coca’ Kreiter
Assistant Direction: Martín Frías
Photography: Leonardo Druventi
Gaffer: Franco Palazzo & Luisina Anderson
Camera: Gwenn Joyaux & Leonardo Druventi
Art Direction: Eugenio Fernández
Set Decorator: Esteban Celedonio
Costume Design: Magali Salvatore & Fernanda Puigmarti
FX: Martín Frías
Make-up: Cintia Gatica Quevedo
Mixer: Eduardo Montes
Boom operator: Silvia Inés Vives
Sound Design and Music: Silvia Inés Vives

Víctor: Diego Cremonesi
Ramiro: Edgardo Desimone
Gabriel: Darío Aumassanne
Death girl in the stairway: Marisol Tur
Death girl in the field: Gimena Blesa
Passer-by: Noelia Vergini
Voice in the phone: Edgardo Frutos

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