In labor we trust
Parenthood at 100-plus

The climate breakdown pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Science defeated aging, expanding lifetime for those who survived. To avoid a new crisis, a very strict Birth Control System was set in place: a dead in exchange for a newborn. Even upper class members, like Moira, must stick to this rule.
A few weeks before her child’s labour, she joins Renato, a pregnant trans man who leads the Union of Killer Pregnants, to get her Birth Permit by delivering the needed corpses at all costs.

Dark Comedy / Sci-fi / LGBTQTI+ / 95’
Winner: Punto Género Ventana SUR 2020
Written by Gwenn Joyaux & Leandro Filozof
Where the cold wind blows
Who controls your brain?

An ambitious and otherworldly neuroscientist finds herself trapped by the global government after the psychiatric illness-healing app she developed is exploited as a viral weapon for a pandemic-level ethnic cleansing of women. While on the run, she must find and spread a cure to prove her innocence and free herself from guilt.

thriller / Sci-fi / LGBTQTI+ / 90’
blood window Ventana SUR 2020
Written by Gwenn Joyaux
Love fears all

During an unprecedented heat wave, Dana and Milena, a closeted couple, take a weekend trip to the coast in hopes of saving their relationship. But the arrival of Milena’s cousin reveals that their lack of love for each other is more violent than the relentless fire slowly isolating them from the world.

ECO Thriller / drama / LGBTQTI+ / 85’
Written by Gwenn Joyaux
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