With the support of Peter Van Tilburg Fonds, Sgt. Mooring Post, Estudio Din Galem, Elec’Dom Rennes, Marges Resort, Sociedad de Encuentros Corales, Municipalidad de Gesell and Aerial Estudio
An agoraphobic gangster. A detective anxious for revenge. A disoriented young astronomer girl. An old inventor obsessed with the idea of being a bird. An eccentric community isolated for decades inside a Hotel … and an escapism illusionist ready to free them all.
* 4º FICIFF, La Plata, Argentina, 2008
Script, Direction, Edition: Gwenn Joyaux
Production: Bernabé Demozzi
Assistant Production: Ornela Zubizarreta
Assistant Director: Silvina Razquín
Photography: Leonardo Druventi
Gaffer: Gabriel Fortunato
Camera: Gwenn Joyaux &Leonardo Druventi
Camera Assistant: Diego Coloma
Production Designer: Carlos Di Pasquo
Costume Designer: Clara Tapia

Prop: Daniel Prieto
Make-up: Ornela Zubizarreta
Sound: Eduardo Montes
Music: Manuel Bayala & Silvia Vives
Graphic Design: Julia Saborido

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