This film was developed in the context of the European Joint Master Degree KinoEyes
Aristotle, Cleopatra and Darwin considered earthworms essential, even sacred creatures. But the only thing we learn about earthworms it’s that if someone cut them in half, they will regenerate. This story demystifies that belief. This is a story about someone who was cut in two when she was born, but only one half made it through. The half with the head survived, as earthworms do.
Winner, Transatlantyk Festival – Capturing Freedom Short Film Contest (2017)
Winner, Bendita Tú Festival de Cine (2017)

“A worm cut in half writhes like a hurt person. The whole body is in pain. I have never encountered such a metaphor in the cinema before; for an exceptionally successful combination of the author’s sensitivity, personal tone, and scientific discoveries in the field of separation.”
“Las dos mitades recibe el premio del Festival Bendita Tú por su originalidad formal y potencia metafórica a la hora de proponer una idea de la identidad como constructo social que atraviesa los cuerpos dejando en ellos una herida permanente. De manera implícita, pero efectiva, Las dos mitades plantea la creación audiovisual como una forma de nombrar esa herida y, al mismo tiempo, conjurarla sin instalarse en la celebración.”
bendita tú
* Preview – Festival Internacional de Curtmetratges. Barcelona, Spain, 2017. Finalist.
* Bendita tú. Madrid, Spain, 2017. Winner.
* shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017. Made in Argentina official competition.
* Martinique International Film Festival 2017, Fall edition. Official Selection.
* this human world – International Human Rights Film Festival. Vienna, Austria, 2017. Official Selection.
* Caminhos Festival Cinema Português. Coimbra, Portugal, 2017. Selecção Ensaios.
* Watersprite Film Festival. Cambridge, UK, 2018. Nominee Documentary.
* Frames, portuguese film festival. Stockholm, Sweden, 2018. Official Selection.
* DFK New Wave Director’s Fortnight. Kolkata, India, 2018. Official Selection.
* IberoDocs – Ibero-American Documentary Film Festival Scotland. Edinburgh, UK, 2018. Emerging Female Filmmakers.
* Rome Independent Prisma Awards. Rome, Italy, 2018. Official Selection.
* QFest, the Houston International LGBTQ Film Festival. Houston, U.S.A, 2018. Official Selection.
* Tonneins International Film Festival. Tonneins, France, 2018. Official Selection.
* TiSFF, Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival. Thessaloniki, Greece, 2018. Official Selection.
* FAB, Festival Audiovisual Bariloche. Bariloche, Argentina, 2018. Official Selection.
* Global University Film Awards. Hong Kong, 2018. Non-competitive section: Over the Horizon.
* 10 Pantalla Latina. St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2018. Official Selection.
* NEOS Fest, Encuentro Internacional de Experimentación Audiovisual. Puebla, Mexico, 2018. Official Selection & Staff’s Pick.
* Festival Internacional de Cinema da Fronteira. Bagé, Brazil, 2018. Official Selection.
* Concurso Nacional de Cine Independiente de Cipolletti. Cipolletti, Argentina, 2020. Official Selection.
Writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, performer: GWENN JOYAUX
Assistant director, Make-up: ANA FALCON
Sound designer, foley:
Music composer: SILVIA INÉS VIVES

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